Operational risk management

Easily identify, measure, control and monitor the operational risks of your organization→


security risks

Ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information assets →



Keep track of all regulations and regulations that your organization must comply with →


Money laundering risk management

Easily identify, establish controls and monitor AML risks→

Artificial intelligence, key to combat cyberattacks

ISO 27032, the standard focused on cybersecurity

How to carry out the evaluation of the internal control system

What is market risk?

Stages of money laundering

What is risk appetite?

4 types of financial risks

Prioritize risk with a control matrix

Intel, H & M and Facebook: 3 cases of reputational risk in 2018

Case study: JP Morgan Chase's financial troubles

Alternatives to Risk Management Models

5 steps to make a risk map

Enron case study: one of the worst frauds in history

The ISO 19600 standard in regulatory compliance for good governance

Learn about the Worldcom case and avoid accounting fraud in your company

Why is it important to analyze financial risks?

These are the lessons of the Interbolsa case

Characteristics of a good internal control system

Good practices to prevent money laundering

Stages and phases of internal audit

3 approaches to measure operational risk

How to develop a risk management policy

Know the components of the internal control of a company

The 5 stages of the operational risk management process

4 operational risk factors

4 differences between money laundering and terrorist financing

3 tools for monitoring unusual transactions

How to identify unusual or suspicious transactions

What is KYC or Know your customer?

How to manage credit risk

Types of internal control in company

Excel Matrix vs. Risk Management Software: Which is better?

MOVIE-LIKE FRAUDS: 3 films on financial fraud and risk management

What are the methods for money laundering?

Ozark, a Netflix series to understand money laundering

What does risk culture mean?

How to assess risk with a control matrix

5 steps for financial risk analysis

How to rate risks using the control matrix approach

3 tips for identifying risks

How to identify risk with a control matrix

What elements should an internal control environment include?

3 types of indicators to manage risk

What is a key risk indicator (KRI)?

5 tools for identifying risks

Money laundering and terrorism financing risks

Get to know the methods of risk assessment

What is a good key risk indicator (KRI) like?

Prevent money laundering by knowing your customer

4 risks that can affect your company's reputation

Case Study: Barings Bank Fraud

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