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Optimize your processes with bulk imports

written by Natalia Molina, On June 02, 2023

Can risk management be simpler? Bulk import comes to Pirani to help organizations facilitate and optimize risk management processes. With this functionality you will be able to create and update thousands of registers in a single import, allowing you to keep your management systems updated, efficient and comprehensive with which to make informed and effective decisions.

→ This functionality will be available in the Enterprise plan and for all management systems. 

These are the benefits and functions that you will find 📋

The bulk import is easily carried out through an excel file in which you will be able to create hundreds of records of processes, risks, causes and consequences, controls and action plans, also from the same file you will be able to generate the necessary associations for each register, and thus in a simple way have updated records in the risk management system. 

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Learn in more depth how to bulk import, I left you this tutorial where I explain in detail this topic → How does the bulk import work?

Import of risk factors

With bulk import you can have an updated register of risk factors, in order to effectively monitor their behavior that may affect the AML management system. It allows you to easily create, register and update hundreds of customers and counterparties in a single upload. In addition, you will be able to associate them with the products and transactions that are related to the same import.

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Learn more about how to import risk factors, here is this tutorial where I explain this topic in detail → How does the bulk import of risk factors work?

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Importing Compliance obligations

You will also be able to keep your compliance management system up to date with the internal and external regulations that affect your organization. With this new feature you can easily import rules, numbers and requirements in bulk and associate them with the related registers.
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Learn more about how to import rules, I leave you this tutorial where I explain in detail this topic →How does the bulk import of rules work?

Importing events/incidents

We added one more method for you to report events and incidents in an easy, fast and bulk way. With this new functionality you will be able to create hundreds of events in a single file and associate them with risks, processes, action plans, among others. 

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Learn more about how to import events or incidents, I leave you this tutorial where I explain in detail this topic →How does the bulk import of events work?


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