Pirani Cybersecurity Asset Management: Streamline Your IT Security with Precision and Ease

The software that makes risk management simple.
Pirani’s cutting-edge cybersecurity asset management software is the tool you need to create a comprehensive defense in a world defined by cyber risks.  
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Easily identify and manage information security risks

Complies with the information risk management standards

In today’s regulatory landscape, meeting international informational risk management standards poses a significant challenge due to their time-consuming nature. 

With Pirani risk management software, you can comply with current requirements and regulations such as ISO 27001, related to information security risks in a simple way.

Easily mitigate your IT security risks

Pirani offers a solution with streamlined processes for efficiently mitigating IT security risks. Our platform:

  • Provides customizable action plans tailored to address specific threats and for better policy enforcement
  • Helps you swiftly and effectively respond to IT security risks with precision
  • Registers and qualifies your controls

Record incidents on your smartphone

Pirani introduces a mobile capability that can integrate into your operating systems to record incidents directly from your smartphone. Our solution: 

  • Empower security personnel to log incidents promptly, regardless of their location
  • Can enhance responsiveness to security threats by swiftly documenting incidents on the go
  • Maintains agility in incident response, bolstering your overall security position

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The software that adapts to your risk management

Pirani’s software stands out for its adaptability to diverse risk management methodologies, catering to the varying needs of organizations across industries.

How does this benefit you, the user?

  • Offers a panoramic view of security operations and IT asset management (ITAM)
  • Empowers decision-makers with comprehensive insights
  • Optimizes operational efficiency and fosters informed decision-making

Associate your information assets

Integrate in a single platform the processes, risks, controls, incidents, and action plans for your information assets to manage IT security.

We don't say it ourselves, we are backed by the best:

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Insignias Capterra Pirani
“It is an easy to understand software that guides you to carry out the business risk assessment, the process to follow and to implement the control measures that mitigates risks.”
David C.
Compliance officer
"Pirani allows mapping risks in an easy way and having the relation between them and the causes, consequences and controls. The system is very complete."
Maria M.
Operational Risk Analyst

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