Healthcare Industry 

Risk management in the health sector is crucial for ensuring the treatment, management, and security of patients' personal data. Implementing best practices in risk identification, measurement, and control helps maintain consistent operational flow, positively impacting the strategic objectives of healthcare entities. These practices ensure the mitigation of risks in electronic records and compliance with regional regulations.

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Pirani: The Best Technological Tool for the Health Sector


Compliance with Regional Regulations

Pirani efficiently manages legal and regulatory requirements in the health sector, such as ISO 45001, SST, and STPS (Mexico), SPS (Colombia), by enabling the identification, tracking, and documentation of associated risks and controls.


Continuous Analysis and Improvement

Continuously evaluate and monitor risks, facilitating data-driven decision-making to improve service quality and reduce costs.


Reputation Improvement

Show commitment to security and efficiency, enhancing your institution's reputation in the health sector, leading to greater collaboration opportunities and trust from patients and partners.

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Key Benefits

Operational Efficiency Improvement

Implement preventive and corrective measures based on risk analysis to optimize processes and improve operability.

Real-Time Event Reporting

Report and manage critical events to reduce costs associated with operational or information security incidents, optimizing resources. 


Centralized Information

Access centralized risk management data, allowing for more effective management and informed decision-making to optimize resources and improve outcomes while ensuring the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of information.

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Insignias Capterra Pirani
“It is an easy to understand software that guides you to carry out the business risk assessment, the process to follow and to implement the control measures that mitigates risks.”
David C.
Compliance officer
"Pirani allows mapping risks in an easy way and having the relation between them and the causes, consequences and controls. The system is very complete."
Maria M.
Operational Risk Analyst

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