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Protecting company information assets

written by Thomas Johnson, On February 10, 2023


Nowadays, security is one of the main concerns of companies, and information is considered one of the assets that must be protected. Ensuring the privacy and integrity of business data helps you gain the trust of your customers and, at the same time, comply with legal data protection regulations. 

For this reason, it is essential to have a technological tool capable of protecting your company's information assets to assure customers of confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This way, they will not be worried about their data being exposed when they enter a business relationship with you.

Pirani's information security risk management system can help you with this task, which can help your company easily safeguard assets against security risks that are exposed and that can harm the development of operations, service delivery, finances, and reputation with stakeholders.

What is an Information Security Management System?

The information security management system or ISMS is responsible for thoroughly assessing all risks related to the data and information stored in a company. 

The ISMS is an essential element established in the international standard ISO 27001 and seeks to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the information and the systems in charge of processing it. 

The companies that manage to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate are different because they offer a safe and accurate treatment of the information they handle and guarantee the use of a data security system, an international standard that verifies the protection of privacy and integrity of information.

Characteristics of the Information Security Management System (ISMS)

The main aspects on which the ISMS is based are integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Each of them is detailed below:


Data must be kept as it has been stored, without any alteration, and the processes in which it is used. Under no circumstances may this data be modified without the company's approval for a justifiable cause.


The information managed by the company must be kept confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties such as companies, entities, or other persons. Such data is the company's exclusive property, so they are the only ones authorized to use it.


Although availability may seem contrary to confidentiality, in ISMS, it is not because this aspect is referred to as the possibility that authorized persons, companies, or processes have access to the company's information.

Other characteristics 

The ISMS, in addition to the mentioned characteristics, such as the definition of objectives, the training of personnel in security, the specific focus on risks, the support of the company about security, or the commitment to constantly improve the system.

Benefits of information security management with Pirani

The software used by Pirani simplifies the identification and management of information security risks. Because it helps you to effectively manage information assets and avoid any risk that could cause damage to your company. 

Here are some of the most relevant benefits for your company:

Compliance with information risk management standards

Using Pirani's risk management software allows you to comply with the requirements of current standards related to information security risks, such as ISO 27001.

Significantly reduce IT security risks

By implementing your action plans and controls to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, you can prevent the loss of data is important to your company. Therefore, it allows you to evolve constantly to provide better functionalities that help protect information security at all times.

Records unusual movements on mobile devices

Reduce the time required to record incidents from cell phones or any mobile device that may affect the security of the information stored in your company, and collect relevant data that can be useful for making decisions in cases of cyber-attacks or data loss.

Software adaptable to your risk management

Pirani's software adapts perfectly to your company, regardless of the field in which you require information security risk management. It allows you to add and modify any space you need and the methodology you wish to use.

Link your information assets.

It allows you to centralize your data in the same platform as your information assets with all the processes, risks, controls, incidents, and plans of the information assets and achieve better results.

Therefore, we suggest you spare no effort when establishing data security solutions mechanisms that serve as a shield to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your information.

Pirani ISMS Functions

Using Pirani's information security risk management system in your company allows you to efficiently manage your information assets to avoid the different risks to which they are exposed. Examples are damage, alteration, loss, logical and physical destruction, hacking, data hijacking, and information deletion.

What does the Pirani ISMS allow to do?

  • Recognize, create, and analyze all the processes developed in your company. They can be strategic, missional, or supportive, and you can also group them into categories such as macro-process, process, or sub-process. 

  • Determine your company's information assets and assess each one's level of criticality, considering its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. In addition, you can establish the type of asset in which it is included: hardware, software, networks, and people, among others, and relate each one to the processes, risks, and responsible parties. 

  • Recognize and manage information security risks to link them to assets, threats, and vulnerabilities. In addition, you can evaluate each risk to assess each one considering the impact and frequency of the incident.

  • Determine the appropriate controls to reduce the probability of incidents that cause a negative impact that is risky for the company's development. 

  • To create controls, you can consider the design, i.e., the criteria that make up each type of control, such as type, frequency, documentation, evidence, and responsible, as well as its execution, i.e., the various variables that can help you determine whether the execution is adequate.

  • Other data that you have to take into account to create the controls in Pirani ISMS is the type of control: preventive, detective, or corrective. Also, the operating capacity and the effectiveness domain, such as protection, defense, and resilience. You can link one or more controls to formed risks, assets, and responsible parties. 

  • Report information security incidents that occur. You can incorporate data such as name, description if it causes losses, place of occurrence, date and time of onset (exact time the incident occurs), date and time of discovery (when the incident is discovered), and storage of evidence of what happened. 

  • Establishment and creation of action plans, with the determination of start and end dates, the person in charge of the program, and the specific activities to be developed. In addition, you can link action plans to processes, assets, risks, controls, and incidents.

  • Generate short reports of the company's risk of different types, such as inherent and residual, as well as heat map and robustness of controls. It also allows you to make customized reports such as information assets and incidents. 

  • Establish objectives with compliance indicators for effective monitoring. Each of these objectives must be specifically related to a person in charge. 

  • Analyze and control the recognized risks and the controls applied in the company to establish actions that allow progressive improvement. This way, you can ensure complete confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets at any time.

Effectively protect information assets with Pirani

Create your Pirani account and test for 15 days free of charge the wide range of functions offered by the market's most efficient ISMS. For more detailed information about the software, schedule an appointment with one of our experts, and they will answer all your questions. 

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