Pirani: Leader in Operational Risks on the G2 Grid

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December 19, 2023


In the recent Winter 2023 badges awards from the renowned G2 platform, Pirani has shone brightly by earning 18 badges that highlight its excellence and leadership in various aspects. These badges reflect Pirani's commitment and quality in providing world-class software and symbolize the trust placed by users and customers in Pirani.

What badges did Pirani receive?

Pirani has obtained the "Leader" badge, which is awarded because G2 users highly value products in the Leader quadrant of the Grid Report that achieve considerable scores in Satisfaction and Market Presence.
Additionally, Pirani received the "Best Usability" badge, recognizing the product with the best usability having the highest Usability Index rating in its category.
Another notable badge is the "Best Estimated ROI Mid-Market," showcasing the product with the best estimated ROI in the Results Index. Pirani achieved the highest estimated ROI rating in its category based on a combination of the estimated time to achieve ROI and the implementation time.
The "Easiest Admin Mid-Market" distinction refers to the product with the best usability in the Usability Index, obtaining the highest rating in its category. "Easiest To Use Mid-Market" refers to the easiest-to-manage product. Pirani has proven to be a user-friendly and effective choice for users of all experience levels.
Furthermore, the badges for "Best Meets Requirements Mid-Market" and "Most Implementable Mid-Market" underscore Pirani's ability to exceptionally meet the requirements of the mid-market, highlighting its effective implementation.
The "Best Relationship" and "Best Relationship Mid-Market" categories emphasize the importance Pirani places on building and maintaining strong customer relationships. This recognition highlights Pirani's dedication to establishing meaningful and lasting connections.
In the "Best Results" and "Best Results Mid-Market" categories, Pirani has demonstrated its ability to deliver outstanding results, reaffirming its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
Additionally, badges such as "High Performer Mid-Market," "Most Implementable Mid-Market," "High Performer," and "High Performer Enterprise" consolidate Pirani's prominent position in the market, showcasing its leadership and exceptional performance in various areas.
The multiple badges earned by Pirani on the G2 platform for Winter 2023 are a testament to the company's ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. These achievements reinforce Pirani's position as a standout leader in the market, demonstrating its ability to exceed expectations and provide top-notch solutions.

What are the requirements for obtaining these distinctions?

G2 thoroughly analyzes companies and their products through user community reviews and data collected from online sources and social media. The synthesis of these scores is reflected in G2 Grid, a tool for comparing products, streamlining purchases, and quickly finding the best options based on user experiences.

What does Pirani offer?

Pirani simplifies non-financial risk management with 5 key products: operational risks, anti-money laundering, information security, compliance, and audit. Adapted to national and international regulations, Pirani helps prevent losses and penalties, decentralizes risks, and promotes an effective risk management culture. Discover it now!
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