Operational risk management

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security risks

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Money laundering risk management

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en November 24, 2022

The risk matrix allows companies to assess and control identified risk situations that may arise. We tell you what you should take into account to do it. All companies, regardless of their size, number of employees or industry to which …

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Por Deicy Pareja, en November 23, 2022

More than six years have passed since Interbolsa's millionaire disaster. Bad financial practices and the authorities' lack of rigor led the brokerage firm to bankruptcy, which left a lot of distrust in the market. In November 2012, the Colombian government ordered …

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Por Maria Camila Arévalo, en November 23, 2022

It is very common to hear about the ISO 31000 standard when talking about risk management, however, few people know what its purpose is and what it is for. In the following installment we will give you a context about …

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Por Maria Camila Arévalo, en November 23, 2022

Having a risk management plan is something that most, if not all, organizations should have, since this is the way in which they protect themselves internally and externally. But first of all it is important to define that risks are …

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Por Maria Camila Arévalo, en November 23, 2022

ISO 19011 is focused on the audit management that must be carried out in the risk management system, although it is not a certifiable standard, it provides a series of recommendations that help companies to have an adequate management and …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en November 23, 2022

In this article we tell you what the main operational risk factors are so that you can take them into account and avoid them in your organization. Operational risk is the possibility of losses occurring as a result of a …

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