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Intel, H & M and Facebook: 3 cases of reputational risk in 2018

written by John Alexis Restrepo, On July 22, 2020


Present or future risks that threaten a company's image may compromise revenue or the increase in assets. Here are three recent cases. 

Failures in processes, human errors or different kinds of operational risk can, in turn, cause reputational risks, which are only known when the damage is done.

Reputational risks can arise for different reasons: from the activities of a company, indirectly from the actions of an employee or the conduct of third parties, such as partners or suppliers. The big problem with reputational risk is that it can appear suddenly, for any reason.

Even not having a social and environmental responsibility program in place can cause permanent damage to a company's image. For example, oil and gas multinationals often deal with protests and demands from activists or non-governmental organizations because of the environmental consequences of their extraction activities.  

There are different cases of reputational risk. Some of the most recent examples have to do with major companies such as Intel, H&M and Facebook, who started the year facing a reputational crisis due to different reasons. Click below to learn why.

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