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Aseguradora Solidaria decentralizes risk management with Piraní Riskment Suite

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Aseguradora Solidaria decentralizes risk management with Piraní GIR

Company information

Aseguradora Solidaria is a cooperative company founded in 1993. With more than 700 direct collaborators and 68 agencies throughout Colombia, it has positioned itself as the most profitable firm in the country in the general insurance sector.

On several occasions, it has been recognized by Great Place to Work, as one of the best companies to work for in Colombia and was rated AA- (col) defined as "Very High Quality", by international risk rating agency Fitch Ratings.

It has managed to position itself within the country's insurance market achieving credibility and customer satisfaction, which has earned it a positive reputation at the national level.

Aseguradora Solidaria decentralizes risk management with Piraní GIR

What are we up against?

It was essential to centralize information in order to properly implement the risk management system within the organization.

With this in mind, it became necessary to have a technological solution in place that would allow us to know the risk profile and manage the data raised considering integrity and security criteria, in order to have users connected through a single platform to facilitate the recording of risk adjustment operations and events in one place.

The company did not have a practical way to present senior management's results regarding risk identification and monitoring.

How did we solve it?

By incorporating Piraní in its risk management process, Aseguradora Solidaria has been able to carry out much more practical analysis activities.

Currently, all the company's users have access to the risk modules and through them, they can check their threats, causes and controls, track their action plans and indicators, and easily record risk events associated with their processes.

This improvement allowed a clearer and more transparent display of all existing risks for the control areas, such as the Internal Comptroller's Office and the Statutory Auditor.

Bussiness team working
"Piraní allows us to manage risks through a single platform at the national level and have centralized information in real time. It also shows us all the risk profiles regarding different processes."
Jose Pacheco

Jose Pacheco
Risk and Corporate Governance Manager.
Aseguradora Solidaria

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