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Operational risk management

Easily identify, measure, control and monitor the operational risks of your organization→


security risks

Ensures the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information assets →



Keep track of all regulations and regulations that your organization must comply with →


Anti-Money Laundering

Easily identify, establish controls and monitor AML risks→



Improve your internal audit processes, support regulatory compliance, and generate value for your organization through continuous improvement →

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Operational risk management

The software that makes risk management simple
Manage your company's operational risks with Pirani, the software that adapts to national and international regulations and standards. Avoid losses, penalties, decentralize risk and create an effective risk management culture in your organization with Pirani.
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Complying with operational risk management regulations is no longer a headache

Decentralizes risk management

Involve all areas of your organization to create an effective risk management, in a tool that is constantly updated with current regulations such as ISO 31000, Basel II, COSO ERM, among others.

Manage risks and save time

Can you imagine saving up to 60% of your time in operational load? With Pirani, this is a reality, since you will be able to generate indicators and reports of your operational risks to make the best decisions in a short time.

Report events from your mobile device

Report and manage from your cell phone all events that can generate an economic, legal or reputational consequence to your organization due to poor operational risk management. software projects

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Parameters all operational risks

The paradise of parameterization exists! Need a specific field to manage your risks, processes, controls or events? Done! With Pirani, you can configure your organization's operational risk management as you see fit.

Request support from risk management experts

Risk management experts are just a click away. You will be able to consult with our support team, whatever your organization needs to manage operational risks effectively and easily.

Centralize your information

Find on a single platform, all the information for a good risk management, since you and your colleagues will be able to make any inquiry directly in Pirani's software.

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It is an easy to understand software that guides you to carry out the business risk assessment, the process to follow and to implement the control measures that mitigates risks."

David C.
Compliance officer

Pirani allows mapping risks in an easy way and having the relation between them and the causes, consequences and controls. The system is very complete.”

Maria M.
Operational Risk Analyst

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