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Manage your company's operational risks with Pirani, the software that adapts to national and international regulations and standards. Automate workflows, streamline decision-making, and enhance risk control with real-time dashboards and analytics.

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Complying with operational risk management regulations is no longer a headache

Optimize Your Risk Management

Involve all areas of your organization to create an effective operational risk management solution, with our ORM software tool that is constantly updated with current regulations such as ISO 31000, Basel II, COSO ERM, among others.

Save Time with Our Streamlined Risk Assessment & Management Software

Can you imagine saving up to 60% of your time in operational load? With Pirani, this is a reality - we help you streamline your workflows with automated processes for efficient risk management. Our ORM software allows you to conduct thorough risk assessments in real-time, ensuring key risk indicators are monitored.

Conduct Thorough Risk Assessments in Real-time, Using Your Phone

Review our mobile-friendly interactive dashboards with your phone for a comprehensive view of risk and advanced analytics. Report and manage any operational risk events that could lead to economic, legal or reputational consequences for your organization due to poor operational risk management.

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Dynamic Dashboards for a Comprehensive View of All Operational Risks

Utilize metrics and heat maps for informed decision-making and risk control. With Pirani, you can customize your organization's operational risk management as you see fit.

Request support from risk management experts

Risk management experts are just a click away. You will be able to consult with our support team, whatever your organization needs to manage operational risks effectively and easily.

Integrated Risk Management

With Pirani's operational risk management software you can centralize risk data for an integrated approach to operational risk management.

We don't say it ourselves, we are backed by the best:

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Insignias Capterra Pirani
“It is an easy to understand software that guides you to carry out the business risk assessment, the process to follow and to implement the control measures that mitigates risks.”
David C.
Compliance officer
"Pirani allows mapping risks in an easy way and having the relation between them and the causes, consequences and controls. The system is very complete."
Maria M.
Operational Risk Analyst

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