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Por Deicy Pareja, en September 23, 2020

Technology evolves to give more value to users and modify the physical or virtual environment of people, but there is concern that cybercrime also advances for the 'kidnapping' or theft of information, massive loss of data, as well as sabotage …

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Por Maria Camila Arévalo, en September 02, 2020

This is one of the most common financial risks that can arise since it is related to the variation of a price or market rate. Next, we will give you its definition and the types that exist. What is market …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en August 20, 2020

Risk appetite refers to the amount of risk that an organization is willing to take in order to achieve its strategic objectives. Find out why it is important here. In risk management, risk appetite is the first thing to be …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en August 11, 2020

Before spending time to seek techniques that assess and mitigate risk, it is important for the analyst to know what financial risk is and what its practical manifestations are. Financial risk can be understood as the probability of having a …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en July 29, 2020

A management process is effective only if each risk identified is prioritized and properly classified. Here are the steps to do so. Recognize the risks: Before prioritizing risks, they have to be identified. Typically, risk managers create a list of …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en July 15, 2020

One of the oldest banks in the world and the largest in the United States has been involved in various legal proceedings due to its poor risk management. For financial institutions, reputation is one of the most important factors, because …

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