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Blog / Money laundering and fraud prevention


written by Thomas Johnson, On April 10, 2023

Money laundering is a continuous risk for business organizations, which requires them to be attentive to every detail of their business operations. According to the UN, $2 trillion is laundered yearly. The consequences for companies are criminal charges, severe financial …

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Categories:Money laundering and fraud prevention

written by Thomas Johnson, On March 09, 2023

Each regulated entity must identify the money laundering risks inherent to its operational reality. It must adopt procedures to identify customers and their respective operations. Given the elements obtained and the money laundering risk factors identified, it must implement the …

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Categories:Risk ManagementMoney laundering and fraud preventionRiskmentRisk matrixAML EN

written by Juan Pablo Calle, On December 01, 2022

Three times a year, the Financial Action Task Force, FATF, presents two lists in which it includes those jurisdictions that have deficiencies in their systems for the prevention of money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons …

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Categories:Risk ManagementMoney laundering and fraud preventionfinancial riskFATFLAFT EN

written by Hugo Alberto Ángel, On November 23, 2022

The millions of dollars laundered in the Latin American region are disguised as homes, hotels, cars, warehouses, casinos, bars and other businesses to launder dollars in banks and go unnoticed by the authorities. Criminals, especially those who profit from drug …

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Categories:Money laundering and fraud preventionGovernance, Risk and Compliancefinancial risk

written by Deicy Pareja, On November 05, 2022

One of the biggest financial scandals in history is the case of energy giant Enron Corporation, which ranked seventh on the list of America's largest and most profitable companies in 2000. The U.S. company had assets estimated at USD 63,000 …

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Categories:Operational riskMoney laundering and fraud preventionriskfinancial risk

written by Juan Pablo Calle, On October 14, 2022

Identifying suspicious transactions allows you to recognize unusual customer operations. Learn how the process works and some warning signs here. In the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing ML/TF, it is essential to recognize all unusual or suspicious transactions, …

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