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Money laundering risk management

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Blog / Internal risk

Por Juan Pablo Calle, en August 26, 2020

Money laundering is characterized by the placement, concealment and integration of illicit resources. Knowing what it consists of is important in risk management. An adequate system for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing must be aware of the …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en May 13, 2020

Strengthen your company's internal control by knowing the most important characteristics to do so in the best way. Effective internal control depends on good organization. Reducing the level of errors and irregularities helps to ensure that the objectives of the …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en April 28, 2020

Learn about the phases of an internal audit process and discover the step-by-step process here. Pre-audit phase Before starting the process, a general analysis is performed on the organization to be audited. This way, the audit team can have a …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en April 06, 2020

Understanding the components of a company's internal control will allow you to effectively design, implement and operate controls in your business processes. Here we explain each one. Internal control environment The internal control structure of a company begins by establishing …

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