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written by Deicy Pareja, On November 23, 2022

More than six years have passed since Interbolsa's millionaire disaster. Bad financial practices and the authorities' lack of rigor led the brokerage firm to bankruptcy, which left a lot of distrust in the market. In November 2012, the Colombian government …

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Categories:Risk Managementfraudfinancial risk

written by John Alexis Restrepo, On July 22, 2020

Present or future risks that threaten a company's image may compromise revenue or the increase in assets. Here are three recent cases. Failures in processes, human errors or different kinds of operational risk can, in turn, cause reputational risks, which …

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Categories:Corporate GovernanceCase studiesfraud

written by Deicy Pareja, On May 20, 2020

The case of this brokerage firm shows that financial malpractice can drive a company into bankruptcy and leads to mistrust in the market. The million-dollar disaster of Interbolsa, whose liquidation was ordered by the national government in November 2012, remains …

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Categories:Money laundering and fraud preventionInterbolsa Casefraud
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