Operational risk management

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security risks

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Money laundering risk management

Easily identify, establish controls and monitor AML risks→

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en August 20, 2020

Risk appetite refers to the amount of risk that an organization is willing to take in order to achieve its strategic objectives. Find out why it is important here. In risk management, risk appetite is the first thing to be …

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Por Deicy Pareja, en June 18, 2020

In order to develop a risk map, information collected by the process leaders with their support group is analyzed, who must identify and describe the impact and probability of each of the risks, as well as the occurrence thereof in …

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Por Juan Pablo Calle, en April 28, 2020

Learn about the phases of an internal audit process and discover the step-by-step process here. Pre-audit phase Before starting the process, a general analysis is performed on the organization to be audited. This way, the audit team can have a …

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categorías:RiskmentInternal risk

Por Juan Pablo Calle, en April 06, 2020

Understanding the components of a company's internal control will allow you to effectively design, implement and operate controls in your business processes. Here we explain each one. Internal control environment The internal control structure of a company begins by establishing …

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categorías:RiskmentInternal risk

Por Juan Pablo Calle, en March 31, 2020

Learn the stages that an organization goes through in the process of operational risk management. It is clear that all organizations have different strategic objectives and that the level of risk exposure also varies from one company to another. However, …

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categorías:Risk ManagementOperational riskRiskment

Por Juan Pablo Calle, en February 18, 2020

In any bank, risks are the order of the day. They are a reality that must be dealt with. But how is this done? Here we explain. Credit risk is one of the main financial risks. This risk can be …

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